School Support

In-Person and Virtual Training

Today’s students come to the classroom with a wide range of needs beyond academics. According to the National Child Traumatic Stress Network, close to 40% of students in the U.S. have been exposed to a traumatic stressor in their lives (NCTSN, 2018, NCTSN System Framework for Trauma-Informed Schools).

We know that educators and those working in a school environment are dedicated to doing all that they can to support their students and enable them to be successful. We also know how overwhelming it can be when the magnitude of need seems insurmountable.

We are ready to help and have the tools that you need to become trauma aware, informed and responsive. What makes The Knowledge Center at Chaddock unique is that all of our trainers have direct experience working with students who have significant social, emotional and behavioral needs and have all worked in the school environment. We bring relevant experience and applicable strategies into all of our trainings, webinars, consultations, and conference presentations.

With Chaddock’s Developmental Trauma and Attachment Program (DTAP®) model as the foundation of our educational services we seek to enable educators to meet students’ needs through a trauma and attachment lens.

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of educators agreed that they would use information gained at training in their jobs.

"This was very enlightening and shifted my thinking in so many ways. It was one of the best trainings I have ever been to!"

Trainings & Webinars

The Knowledge Center at Chaddock offers a wide array of Trauma-Informed, Relationship-Focused training options. Whether you are looking for a one-hour, virtual presentation, or a full day of in-person training, we can give you exactly what you’re looking for.

During our initial information-gathering call, we will help you to determine whether one of our pre-made courses is right for you, or if we will create a new training designed to meet your specific needs. We have curated professional development for numerous professional audiences within the education field including early childhood educators, elementary, junior-high and high school staff, administrators, social workers, superintendents and many more.

  • Trauma-Informed, Relationship-Focused Training Series

    Trauma 101
    12 Core Concepts of Trauma
    Trauma-Informed Tips and Tools for Educators
    Creating a Trauma-Informed School Culture*

  • Self-Awareness and Your Role in the Relationship
  • Building Resilience within the Educator
  • Attachment Theory

*Also offered as an Administrator Academy.

"I have attended so many trainings on trauma and I have to say I am blown away by this training! I left feeling inspired, more knowledgeable, and motivated."


Consultation services are specifically designed for educators and the school setting. Our aim is to assist staff in all roles (from administrators to custodians) as they strive toward developing an environment that meets the specific attachment and trauma needs of their students.

  • Trauma-Informed, Relationship Focused Student or Classroom Case Consultation

    Maximum of 10 participants

  • Trauma-Informed, Relationship Focused School Consultation Group

    1 Semester commitment (two 1 hour sessions per month), Limited to 10 seats per session.
    Sliding scale pricing based on the size of the school district.
    When purchased in combination with training:

    • Single, full-day training = 10% discount
    • 4-day Training Series = 25% discount