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Supporting children and families who have experienced great loss and endured extreme trauma is a daunting task. Helpers often fall prey to vicarious trauma and burn-out, and too many give up this specialization or leave the field entirely. As a result, many of the children and families with the most complex needs are paired with the least experienced helpers. At Chaddock, we have the experience and longevity to understand the type of support needed to keep the best and brightest engaged with this work.

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The Developmental Trauma and Attachment Institute is for helpers who seek to be rejuvenated and revitalized in their work with children and families. This type of renewal and confidence is a natural by-product of gaining specialized knowledge, advanced skills, consultation, guidance, mentorship, and most importantly being in a community providing the experience of being seen and understood. Yet, who has the time and resources to seek out all of that? No one. That’s why we have designed an experience and a soft place to land where all of these needs will be met in one central place.

Developmental Trauma Attachment Institute

The Institute is Currently in Session

Developmental Trauma & Attachment Institute Our next session begins January 1st with open enrollment beginning October 1st!


Monthly Membership Overview

Exciting new content and learning opportunities are happening all month long in the Institute learning hub. We also understand that you have a busy schedule.

Our members have the option to attend live or on-demand. The choice is yours! 

Time: 12:00 pm ET / 11:00 am CT / 10:00 am MT / 9:00 am PT

Week 1: Setting the Stage

Week One Setting the Stage

On the 1st Thursday of the month, select readings and other resources pertaining to that month’s webinar will be posted. Pre-webinar learning has been scientifically proven to increase your engagement and retention of webinar information provided later in the month.

Week 2: In the Trenches - Group Case Consultation

Week Two In the Trenches: Group Case Consultation

On the 2nd Thursday of the month, members will have an opportunity to present cases they are feeling really stumped about and participate in group consultation. Be prepared to discover wisdom you couldn’t have found alone for your most vexing clinical challenges.

Week 3: A Deeper Dive Webinars

Week Three A Deeper Dive Webinars

On the 3rd Thursday of the month live, interactive, engaging and practical 1-hour webinars offer a deeper dive into the topic of the month. Oh, and consider yourself covered for the majority of your CEs since as an Institute member you can earn 12 CEs* per year, 1 each month. The monthly webinars will also be recorded and available for you to watch on your own time if you aren’t able to catch the live offering.

Week Four: Reflective Practice with Faculty Members

Week Four Reflective Practice with Faculty Members

On the 4th Thursday of the month this live gathering will be hosted by Institute faculty specifically for the needs of the Institute Community. You will find compassion and sustenance for your journey.

Week Five: Special Guest Lecture

Week Five Special Guest Lecture

When there is a 5th Thursday of the month, the Institute will host a guest lecture from prominent researchers and clinicians in the world of developmental trauma and attachment. CEs can also be earned for these special events, an additional 4 CEs for the year.

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Your Annual Membership Includes

  • 12 CEs Per Year* ($1,200 Value)

  • 12 Group Consultation Hours ($900 Value)

  • Reflective Practice with Faculty Members ($1,000 Value)

  • Observe Consultations with Leaders in the Field ($3,000 Value)

  • 24/7 Access to the Learning Hub

Enrollment Begins October 1st

$149 Monthly Investment

Purchase a Full Year and Receive One Month FREE.

Frequently Asked Questions

When is the enrollment for the Institute?

Open enrollment for the next session is begins October 1st. The next Institute session will begin in January. 

What is the monthly investment for the Institute?

The membership fee is $149 per month.

How long of a commitment am I making by enrolling in the Institute?

Becoming part of the Institute is a 1-year commitment but we hope you will stay longer and invite some other colleagues too!

Will I be able to get CEs?

A minimum of 12 CEs per year will be offered for social workers (ASWB) and Counselors (NBCC). Learn more about Continuing Education.

When can I watch live events?

With the exception of the first Thursday, live events will take place every Thursday from 11 am - 12 pm CST. We also understand that you have a busy schedule. You can attend events on-demand 24/7 in the Institute Learning Hub.

How will case consultations be handled?

Case consultations will be held one time per month. Cases will be presented by Institute members who schedule a time to present. The good news is that many people have expressed to us that they learn just as much being part of case consultation on someone else’s case as they do when they present their own.

Will I be able to observe some of the amazing supervision and consultation that goes on inside Chaddock in addition to Institute consults?

Periodically, our Institute members will be part of the in-depth supervision and consultation that has led to Chaddock becoming renowned worldwide.

I am not a licensed mental health professional or therapist, but I have a professional role in supporting children and families impacted by attachment and trauma issues. Can I be part of the Institute?

Please reach out to us to discuss your situation. We recognize there is an urgent need for helpers, other than therapists, who understand attachment and trauma issues.