This month’s blog post is written by Lizzie Moon, Chaddock’s Graphic Designer. Lizzie is a new mom to the cutest 6-month-old so all her time goes to snuggling and loving on that baby! Outside of work Lizzie loves, whenever it’s possible, the chance to relax and watch movie marathons. She also likes to spend time with her husband and their families and friends in the area.

This summer I will be coming up on a milestone of 5 full years working at Chaddock in the Marketing Department as a graphic designer. This is now the longest I’ve worked for one organization. Although I don’t work directly with our clients and their families in my unique role, I still get to witness moments that remind me that I can still make a difference.

If you ever browse around on our Instagram or Facebook page you most likely will see a graphic I created or a photo I snapped of our kids on campus. I also create our marketing materials like brochures and handouts, as well as our annual Agency Impact report. I even created this very blog’s logo! I am just one part of a team that works together to create an awareness of Chaddock that enables us to reach as many people as we can that may be seeking hope and healing. Selfishly there is no other feeling like being able to play a part in helping families while being able to do the thing I love at the same time.

On an average day in the office, I am mostly behind a computer creating but there are often times when you’ll find me grabbing my camera and heading to interact with the kids that are here on campus. For instance, any time there is a fun activity going on at the school, like the Variety Show or Living History Day, I’ll be there capturing those moments. Or when it’s a beautiful day in the fall or spring, I make sure to take advantage of our lovely campus and gather the kids for a few good pictures of themselves that they can have as a memory to look back on their time here. These moments remind me of why I am here – our kids light my inspiration. They also remind me that even though they might not be having a good day, for that split second, I can put a smile on their face and they can feel special in front of the camera just for a moment.

It may not be as recognizable for me on a daily basis to see that the work I do can make a difference in our kid’s lives but just by doing my one job and being part of a team, we can all make a difference. I look up to and praise those that have been putting in the work here at Chaddock for 10, 20, 30 plus years. It seems my time working here is just beginning. I can say that I’ve grown so much by being here, but there is still so much more I can learn from my co-workers and from the kids that I have the opportunity to interact with.

Editorial Note:
At Chaddock we have over 250 employees throughout our organization in a multitude of different roles. From CEO, to Teacher, to Overnight Youth Counselor, to Child Welfare Specialists, to Chaplain, Receptionist and Custodian, there are many, many different people working together to give our children and families the chances they deserve. It is accurate to say that without all of these individuals and all of their unique jobs we wouldn’t be able to function as successfully as we do and we certainly wouldn’t be able to provide hope and healing to as many as we do. Every person has an equal and important purpose, including those who do not work directly with our children and families.

What’s amazing is that no matter which department you are in, or the specific tasks of your role, there are always ways to touch the lives of the children and families that we serve, and that is what makes Chaddock so special.