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Tim Galvin: Love Relationships & Attachment Theory - Part 2

Karen welcomes Tim Galvin, LCSW, LMFT, back to the show for part two of their conversation about love relationships and attachment theory.

Tim is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in the State of Missouri. He graduated from the University of Missouri-Columbia.

Over the years, Tim has worked in numerous agencies, including The Division of Family Services, The Jewish Hospital of St. Louis, Family and Children's Services of Greater St. Louis, The Menninger Clinic-St. Louis, and 29 years in a private practice group.

He has worked with couples, with divorcing and remarried families, in drug and alcohol assessment and treatment, and with anxiety and depression. Over his 44 years of practice, Tim has been an instructor at three different marriage and family therapy training centers in St. Louis. He has had his own training program for 23 years, and in all, he has provided training to over 240 professionals. In addition, Tim has been a faculty member at Washington University, teaching Marriage and Family Therapy in the Brown School for twelve 12 years.

Tim believes that marriage is the foundation of civilization. He has devoted his work to help couples improve their communication, their working partnership, and their intimacy. He has been dedicated to teaching and training the "next generation" of counselors to be better educated and equipped to continue the important work of helping individuals, families, and couples to heal.

Outside of work and church, Tim enjoys his family, walking their dog, reading and writing, and spending time with his wife, Kathy.

Part Two:

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