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Sharon Roszia: The Seven Core Issues in Adoption and Permanency

Karen Buckwalter welcomes Sharon Roszia, M.S., as they discuss Roszia's Seven Core Issues in Adoption and Permenancy. 

Sharon Kaplan Roszia M.S. entered the field of foster care and adoption in 1963 and has worked consistently in both public and private agencies as well as private practice, always focusing on child welfare issues. Along with her colleague, Deborah Silverstein L.C.S.W., she developed the Seven Core Issues in Adoption, which is referenced widely in the literature of social work and is the basis of a forty-eight-hour curriculum to train social workers and therapists on the Core Issues, trauma, and attachment. It has been taught for many years in California and is presently used in Canada and Texas.

Sharon has lectured extensively all over the USA as well as Canada and Australia. She has written three books (The Open Adoption Experience and Cooperative Adoption and Seven Core Issues in Adoption and Permanency), written chapters and forwards to books, written for several magazines in print and on-line, and has participated in the creation of many training videos. She appeared regularly on both local and national television shows over the years.

Sharon lives what she does professionally as a foster parent, adoptive parent, a parent by birth and now, intergenerationally, with grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

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Sharon Roszia - Adoption Expert

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