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Selma Bacevac: Attachment & War Trauma in Refugee Families - Part 2

Karen welcomes guest Selma Baćevac of Balkan Mama Therapy for the conclusion of their conversation about war trauma and attachment in refugee families and children.

Born in Sarajevo, Bosnia, and Herzegovina in 1994, Selma Bacevac became a refugee in Germany due to the war going on at home. In 1997 her family moved to the USA.

For over ten years, Bacevac has helped thousands of parents heal from trauma and parent through connection. At Balkan Mama Therapy, it is her goal to help you heal your intergenerational wounds, learn how to parent through connection, and help you find healing. She has specialized training in trauma treatment, attachment healing, parent-child relationships, infant and child mental health, and maternal mental health.

Part Two:

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