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Saara Salo: Theraplay in Pregnant Women

Karen Doyle Buckwalter welcomes Saara Salo to the show for a conversation about utilizing Theraplay in pregnant women.

Saara Salo is a clinical psychologist at the Helsinki University Central Hospital in Helsinki, Finland. She received her Ph. D. in developmental psychology from Helsinki University. In addition, Saara is a Theraplay-certified trainer, therapist, and supervisor, and a licensed Systemic Family Psychotherapist as well as a licensed Psychodynamic Parent-Infant Psychotherapist, as well as a Theraplay Trainer/Supervisor, MBT-F Trainer/Supervisor certified by Anna Freud Center.

Salo has worked clinically for over 20 years on related issues in an infant stage in a psychiatric unit of young children, as well as privately. Salo works as a supervisor and trainer and do research on early interaction, parents' reflective ability and relationships at the University of Helsinki.

She considers pregnancy and infancy to be an important turning point, where it is important to provide information and support the developing relationship with the baby with various worries (e.g., sleeping, eating, parental exhaustion / depression problems). In particular, Salo works on interaction problems, family relationships, and relationships.

Saara gives over 40 lectures or workshops per year in Finland, Norway, Denmark, the Netherlands, Turkey, and the UK.

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For More: Salo's Pilke Klinikka (English site)

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