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Dr. Lark Eshleman: Attachment Based Interventions in War-Torn Countries - Part 2

Today, Karen welcomes Dr. Lark Eshleman for part two of their conversation about her work with attachment based interventions in war-torn countries.

Lark Eshleman, PhD, is Executive Director of the About Child Trauma Foundation, an educational non-profit teaching about and researching the short- and long-term effects of early emotional trauma, and the power of building resilience in young learners. She is a former school librarian, elementary school principal, and school psychologist, and is a Doctor of Psychology, specializing in child development, attachment, and developmental trauma.

Dr. Lark is on a select committee of the Pennsylvania Department of Education to shape the criteria for required trauma trainings in PA schools, is a special consultant to the State of Delaware’s foster care system, among other training and consultation work. In 2003 she wrote one of the first books on attachment trauma – Becoming a Family: Promoting Healthy Attachments With Your Adopted Child -- and writes for Fostering Families Magazine, among other magazines and journals. Most recently she and Jane Gordon, Art Therapist, created and published a “coloring in pairs” coloring book – Color Me Closer – which helps bring people emotionally closer through partner-coloring.

Her passion is learning and teaching about the critical nature of healthy beginnings for our youngest Loved Ones. Her very favorite role in life is with her family.

Part Two:

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Dr. Lark Eshleman

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