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Dr. Jeanne Howard: Meeting the Needs of Adoptive & Foster Families - Part 2

Dr. Jeanne Howard of Illinois State University and the National Center on Adoption and Permanency joins Karen for the conclusion of their conversation on meeting the needs of adoptive and foster families.

Dr. Howard has conducted research and training on adoption and foster care issues for over 30 years, with a special emphasis on children adopted from foster care. She is a Professor Emeritus at Illinois State University, where she headed the Center for Adoption Studies for 15 years. Before coming to NCAP, she also served for almost a decade as the Research and Policy Director for the Donaldson Adoption Institute, researching and authoring numerous reports that have had a positive impact on adoption-related law, policy and practice.

Dr. Howard has co-authored books (After Adoption: The Needs of Adopted Youth published by the Child Welfare League of America, Preserving Troubled Adoptions published by Greenwood Press) and has published many articles and monographs on adoption-related issues. These include finding adoptive homes for older adopted youth, the need for and range of post-adoption services, policies and practices related to serving gay- and lesbian-headed adoptive families, the over-representation of African American youth in foster care, restoring access to birth certificates to adult adoptees, racial and adoption identity, and the impact of the Internet on adoption.

Part Two:

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