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Lori Thomas: The Importance of Therapy for Foster & Adoptive Families

Karen Buckwalter welcomes Lori Thomas, MA, for a discussion on the importance of therapy for foster and adoptive families. Lori Thomas is a counselor in residency with Emmaus Family Counseling Center. Thomas is a co-author on The Jonathan Letters with Michael Trout in 2005, and a contributing author on the Attachment Theory in Action: Building Connections Between Children and Parents book in 2018. Both books are available The TKC Store. You can read Lori's section here.

Lori works from an attachment-focused perspective. With the understanding that attachment develops in early childhood, and dysfunctional patterns may develop based on early experiences, Lori believes that nurturing healthy attachments is integral to the healing process. This attachment-focused work is especially geared towards counseling children and their parents. Children who have experienced trauma, are in the foster care system, or are adopted are some of her favorite clients.

Lori has an extensive history working with children who have experienced trauma, beginning as a foster and adoptive parent, which led to her interest in entering the field of counseling. Lori has completed many trainings, including a 40-hour Nurturing Attachments Postgraduate Training by Deborah Gray. She also earned certificates in Crisis Pregnancy Coaching through Light University. In addition to co-authoring The Jonathan Letters (2005), and contributing to Attachment Theory In Action, she is also a contributing author to The Hope-Filled Parent (2008), Hope for Healing (2011). She is an active advocate and public speaker on children’s issues. She is the mother of seven children, three through birth and four through adoption. She served on the Board of Directors of The Association for Treatment and Training in the Attachment of Children (ATTACh) for nine years.

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For More: Attachment Theory In Action book in TKC Store

The Jonathan Letters book in TKC Store

Emmaus Family Counseling Center in Virginia

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