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Kimberly Brubaker Bradley: Using Fiction to Better Understand Attachment - Part 2

Karen welcomes author Kimberly Brubaker Bradley to the show for the conclusion of their discussion on Bradley's 2015 book The War That Saved My Life, and how you can use fiction to better understand attachment.

Kimberly Brubaker Bradley started her professional career as a research chemist, but had a passion for writing from a young age. She was encouraged by her professors in her writing, and was able to have a side-gig as a freelance and ghostwriter. As her husband's career grew, as well as their family with two kids, she was able to make the switch from chemist to full time writer.

Since making the switch, Bradley has published 18 books, including six picture books, The War I Finally Won, a bestselling follow up to The War That Saved My Life, and the 2020 release, Fighting Words, her second Newberry Award winning book, after her 2016 win win for The War That Saved My Life.

Part 2:

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