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Hanna Lampi: Attachment Theory in Finland

Updated: Feb 26, 2021

Karen welcomes Hanna Lampi to the show to discuss her work in in attachment and Theraplay in Finnish culture.

Hanna Lampi is an occupational therapist, specializing in children's and young people's occupational therapy. In addition, she is also a trainer in psychotherapy (family therapy), as well as a Theraplay supervisor / trainer.

Before graduating as an occupational therapist, Lampi studied to be a day nurse and had time to work in day care for five years before starting her own family and pursuing postgraduate studies. After completing her occupational therapy studies, Lampi worked at the Pediatric Neurology Outpatient Clinic and the Child Psychiatry Outpatient Clinic in Espoo for a total of eight years before becoming a full-time professional in 2010.

At her practice, Lampi offer occupational therapy services for children and young people, therapy therapy, family therapy, as well as work supervision and counseling. Her work focuses on promoting mental well-being and strengthening interaction - regardless of the form of therapy.

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Hanna Lampi's Practice in Finland

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