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Faith Friedlander: My Journey As An Adoptee

Karen Doyle Buckwalter welcomes Faith Friedlander to discuss Faith's experiences and journey as an adoptee, as well as her chapter in Karen's book Attachment Theory In Action, which she co-edited with Chaddock President & CEO Debbie Reed.

Faith Friedlander, MA, MFT, is the Clinical Vice President and Co-Founder of Kids & Families Together located in Ventura, California. Faith has a specialization in attachment and adoption related issues, and is trained in dyadic developmental psychotherapy and certified in Theraplay by Theraplay Institue. Practice includes individuals, couples and families.

Kids & Families Together focuses on individuals, couples and families, connecting birth, foster, kinship and adoptive families for family preservation and individual health and wholeness. Their mission is to strengthen relationships and provide safe and supportive help and education that keeps family members emotionally connected to one another.

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