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Ed Coambs: How Attachment History Impacts Financial Well Being - Part 2

Today, Karen welcomes Ed Coambs, a certified financial planner and therapist, to the show for the conclusion of their conversation about the relationship between one's financial decisions and their attachment history.

Ed Coambs, CFP®, LMFT, CFT-I™, helps couples and clinicians untangle the mess of money and relationships using the art and science of attachment theory and interpersonal neurobiology. He loves applying attachment theory and interpersonal neurobiology to the way that couples relate to each other around money. Moving couples from money mayhem to financial intimacy. He earned his MBA - Finance, MA - Counseling, MS - Financial Planning, Certified Financial Planner and Certified Financial Therapist which gives him a broad, dynamic and comprehensive view of the way that couples encounter money over their time together. He is a thought leader and co-developer of the professional practice of financial therapy which trains both mental health and financial planning professionals on the intersection of counseling psychology and money.

His new book, The Healthy Love & Money Way: How The Four Attachment Styles Impact Your Financial Well-Being, shares a road map to help couples and clinicians see, heal and grow through their attachment relationship and money.

Part Two:

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