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Dr. Ronald Federici: Connections Between Adoption, Trauma, and Attachment

Karen Doyle Buckwalter welcomes Dr. Ron Federici as they discuss the connections between adoption, trauma and attachment.

Dr. Ronald Federici is regarded as the country's expert in Developmental Neuropsychology for children from adoption-trauma backgrounds. He has written books and hundreds of publications regarding the damaging effects of childhood maltreatment, ranging from Developmental Trauma Disorder; FASD/drug exposure affecting attachment in children; traumatic autism; and reconstructive therapy.

Dr. Federici is CEO of Care For Children International, which offers comprehensive services for children and families in the USA and abroad, specializing in complex cases that have been unresponsive to past interventions.

Dr. Federici is the Father of 9 children, 8 adopted from very traumatic backgrounds who have grown into very productive adults. Dr Federici also teaches and lectures internationally.

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