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Dr. Rebecca Shahmoon-Shanock: Reflective Supervision & Attachment-Based Therapy

Karen Doyle Buckwalter welcomes Dr. Rebecca Shahmoon-Shanok, LCSW, PhD, to the show as they discuss reflective supervision and attachment-based therapy.

Rebecca Shahmoon-Shanok is a clinician, teacher and author in the pregnancy and parenting through preschool fields; is among the developers of reflective supervision; of integrating mindfulness into the fields of early childhood mental health and care; of interweaving mental health services in community-based settings; and of training professionals across disciplines together since 1980.

With degrees and experience as clinical psychologist, social worker and early childhood educator, and extensive experience in psychoanalysis, infant mental health, mindfulness, and in developmentally and/or traumatically challenged young children and their parents, Dr. Shahmoon-Shanok developed a model that integrates mental health consultation plus a range of successful mental health services within childcare and Head Start utilizing peer play psychotherapy for a variety of children with serious challenges.

After participating in Undoing Racism Workshops over a dozen years, she has participated in the Harris Foundation’s Tenets Workgroup since 2012. Founding CEO/Academic Director of Collaborations for Growth and Senior Research Associate for Relationships for Growth & Learning, Center for Attachment Research, New School for Social Research, she served as board member of Zero to Three for thirty-six years and is the founder of the New York Zero-to-Three Network, continuing on its board. Dr. Shahmoon-Shanok currently gives workshops and short courses on reflective supervision, and co-chairs the Reflective Supervision Collaborative which is becoming the first long-term training for reflective supervisors and trainers across the country and an online clearing house of RS materials.

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