Dr. David Wallin: The Necessity of the Therapist's Self-Revelation - Part 1

Welcome to Attachment Theory in Action! Our podcast is dedicated to therapists, social workers, counselors and psychologists who are working with clients from an attachment-based perspective. Interviews are conducted with individuals who are doing clinical work as well as leading attachment theory researchers.

Karen Buckwalter welcomes Dr. David Wallin for part one of their conversation on attachment in psychotherapy, the importance and necessity of the therapist's self-revelation, and the impact on the therapist's own psychology. Part two will be released Tuesday July 23rd at noon, EDT.

David Wallin, PhD, is a clinical psychologist in private practice in Albany, California.  A magna cum laude graduate of Harvard who received his doctorate from the Wright Institute in Berkeley, he has been practicing, teaching, and writing about psychotherapy for more than three decades. Attachment in Psychotherapy, his most recent book,is presently being translated into a dozen languages. He is also the co-author (with Stephen Goldbart) of Mapping the Terrain of the Heart: Passion, Tenderness, and the Capacity to Love.  He has lectured on attachment and psychotherapy in Australia, New Zealand, Europe, Canada, and throughout the United States.

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