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Dr. Chuck Geddes: Treating Complex Trauma - Part 2

Karen welcomes welcomes Dr. Chuck Geddes, founder of Complex Trauma Resources, for the conclusion of their conversation about treating complex trauma.

Dr. Chuck Geddes has been a psychologist in British Columbia's Child and Youth Mental Health and Child Welfare systems for the past twenty-five years. Geddes has worked at all levels of the system and in many locations around British Columbia, from big cities to small towns and First Nations reserves.

Over the last ten years, Geddes and his team have worked with well over 300 children and youth and developed proven strategies that are evidenced by collected case data.

Geddes lives in Chilliwack, British Columbia, surrounded by farmland and nestled among beautiful mountains. In his spare time, Geddes can be found hiking on a mountain trail or riding his bike. He lives with his wife, their adult son, and his parents in a three-generation household.

Part Two:

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