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Dr. Bonnie Goldstein: Sensorimotor Psychotherapy in Children

Karen Doyle Buckwalter welcomes Dr. Bonnie Goldstein as they explore the use of sensorimotor psychotherapy in children.

The focus of Dr. Bonnie Goldstein’s work is to foster and heal relationships through the lens of attachment theory, somatic and mindful awareness, and the dynamic interaction of group psychotherapy. She helps clients navigate through life’s complexities by addressing developmental issues, family systems, grief and loss counseling for children and adults, and transitions-to-adulthood. Her work integrates traditional psychodynamic psychotherapy with progressive psychotherapeutic interventions such as Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, hypnosis, mindfulness exercises and EMDR.

In 1989 Dr. Goldstein founded and has continued to direct the Lifespan Psychological Center, offering a training opportunity for clinical interns, school-search assistance, and ongoing weekly therapy groups helping children, adolescents and young-adults transition to the next stage of life as well as parenting groups addressing the multi-layered challenges of family interactions. She is the Associate Programming Director for Lifespan Learning Institute, offering professional training seminars which bring together leading professionals from around the world to present their latest research and critical thinking, specializing in a Sensorimotor Psychotherapy approach to treating children, adolescents, and families.

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