Dr. Anna Martin: Taking the Conflict out of Child Discipline - Part 2

Karen concludes her conversation with Dr. Anna Martin as they continue to discuss taking the conflict out of child discipline, the topic of her latest book, Listen To Me!, available now.

Dr. Anna Martin, Ph.D., works as a clinical therapist with children, adolescents, adults and couples, and has worked in a variety of environments. Dr. Martin works with individuals on a variety of issues and has published articles (nationally and internationally) relating to attachment, behaviour and discipline, and the parent/child relationship. 

Dr. Martin’s new, innovative and popular ‘AND’ discipline method is an efficient and productive method for parents to use, replacing the older, traditional behavioral (the ‘ask, tell and act’ approach) methods that can risk impacting on the child’s sense of self, as well as the parent/child relationship.

Part Two:

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