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Dr. Angela Cusimano: Does Divorce Impact Attachment?

Karen welcomes Dr. Angela Cusimano to the show for an in depth discussion on the impact of divorce on attachment.

Dr. Angela Cusimano is a psychologist and personal coach with decades of experience working with kids, families, and trauma survivors, and completed her Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology at the University of North Texas (UNT) in 2013 and received specialty training in Marriage & Family Therapy. Her doctoral dissertation studied the effects that parental conflict has on children’s well-being and how a strong bond between a parent and a child can protect kids from the negative effects of this conflict.

She is a childhood divorce survivor and has dedicated most of her career to helping struggling kids and families. As a way to connect with a greater number of people outside of the therapy room, she has started a coaching program specifically for childhood divorce survivors who struggle with self-love, self-sabotage, and difficulties in their partnerships.

Dr. Cusimano offers group and individual coaching programs and has published two books: Crash Course for Divorce, a book for families going through the divorce process; and Raising Teens in the Digital Age, a book for parents who want to safely raise their teens in the digital age. Both books are available at her website.

A free childhood divorce survivor journal is being offered to all listeners at:

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