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Dr. Alan Sroufe: How We Become The Persons We Are - Part 1

Karen welcomes psychologist, professor and author Dr. Alan Sroufe to the show for part one of their two part conversation about how we become the persons we are. Part two will be released on Tuesday, August 3rd.

Dr. Alan Sroufe, Professor Emeritus in the Institute of Child Development at the University of Minnesota, received his Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from the University of Wisconsin. Dr. Sroufe has been Associate Editor of Developmental Psychology and Development and Psychopathology. An internationally recognized expert on early attachment relationships, emotional development, and developmental psychopathology, he has published numerous articles and books on these topics, including “The Development of the Person”, a two-time award winner, and the recently released, “A Compelling Idea.”

His other awards include the Distinguished Scientific Contribution Award from the Society for Research in Child Development, the Bowlby-Ainsworth Award for Contributions to Attachment Research, the Mentor Award and the G. Stanley Hall Award for Distinguished Scientific Contribution to Developmental Psychology from Division 7 of the American Psychology Association, an Honorary Doctorate Degree from the University of Leiden, and the Distinguished Teaching Award from the College of Education, University of Minnesota.

Part One:

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Dr. Sroufe at the University of Minnesota

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