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Dr. Aimie Apigian: Attachment and the Nervous System - Part 2

Karen welcomes Dr. Aimie Apigian for the conclusion of their discussion on a medical doctor's approach to attachment theory.

Dr. Aimie received her medical training at Loma Linda University and 4 years general General Surgery training at Oregon State Health Sciences University in Portland, OR.

Her life was dramatically affected when she adopted Miguel, a 4 year old boy, from the foster care system while during medical school who had experienced neglect, abuse, and instability since he was born. She considers this an experiential learning of trauma, neurobiology, attachment disorders, stress and inflammatory illnesses, and addictions. The result has also been a personal quest to find the underlying cause and heal from fatigue, depression, and high levels of autoimmune antibodies that the specialists had no answers for except an anti-depressant to manage symptoms.

Through her own journey, training and now helping others on their journey, Dr. Aimie's understanding of what it takes to help the mind and body after the effects of stress and trauma has expanded to beyond what conventional medicine offers. Science and the experience of others are now confirming that even the most challenging of cases can achieve a better level of health.

Part Two:

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Trauma Healing Accelerated

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