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Carole Gammer: The Child’s Voice in Family Therapy - Part 1

Karen continues her 8-part, 4-interview exploration of attachment theory and family therapy with part one of her conversation with Carole Gammer about the child's voice in family therapy. Part two will be released on November 22nd.

Carole Gammer, Ph.D, is doctor in clinical psychology. Gammer was part of the clinical team of the child psychiatry service of the School of Medicine of Harvard University and directed a treatment center for adolescents in California.

Since moving to Paris many years ago, Gammer founded family therapy training institutes in France, Germany, Switzerland and Spain and has been training family therapists throughout Europe for thirty years. Her phased family therapy model is widely known and used in Europe.

In France, Carole Gammer trains and supervises numerous teams in psychiatric hospitals, CMPPs, Associations for the Protection of Childhood and Adolescence (AEMO, Placement Services), services focused on the handicapped (IME) and many other structures.

She is president of the ATFP (Association de Thérapie Familiale par Phases) and a member of the EFTA (European Family Therapy Association).

She is the author of the book The voice of the child in family therapy (Ed. Erès, 2005) and co-author of Adolescence, family crisis (Ed. Erès, 2nd ed. 1999).

Part One:

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