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Bethany Saltman: Mary Ainsworth's Strange Situation - Part 1

Karen continues her eight part series of four interviews exploring the roots and history attachment theory. In today's episode, she begins her second interview by welcoming author Bethany Saltman back to the show for part one of their in-depth conversation on Mary Ainsworth's contributions to attachment theory, particularly her strange situation procedure. Part two of this discussion will be released on Tuesday, May 25th.

Bethany Saltman is an author, award-winning editor, and researcher. Her work can be seen in magazines like the New Yorker, New York Magazine, Atlantic Monthly, Parents, Town & Country, and many others. Strange Situation: A Mother’s Journey Into the Science of Attachment (Ballantine, April 21, 2020) is her first book.

Bethany also serves as a bestselling book partner and in-demand mindfulness mentor, helping writers and entrepreneurs at all stages of the creative process envision and execute their projects, including book proposals, books, content development, big ideas, messaging, and more. In 1992, Bethany graduated from Antioch College where she was one of the architects of the nation’s first Affirmative Consent Policy. She went on to receive her M.F.A in poetry from Brooklyn College in 1994, where she studied with Allen Ginsberg. A longtime Zen student, Bethany is devoted to the fine art and game-changing effects of paying attention.

Part One:

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