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Andrew Leeds: EMDR Therapy

Karen Doyle Buckwalter welcomes Dr. Andrew Leeds to the show to discuss his work in EMDR therapy.

Andrew M. Leeds, Ph.D. is a licensed Psychologist with over 40 years of private practice experience. He completed EMDR training in 1991. He has conducted EMDR training for 13,000 clinicians in the USA, Canada, Europe, and Japan and presented at numerous conferences. He now serves as the Director of Training for the Sonoma Psychotherapy Training Institute which offer basic training in EMDR in California.

He is the author of the 2016 book, A Guide to the Standard EMDR Therapy Protocols, journal articles and book chapters. He served as Director on the EMDRIA Board 2003-2005. He serves on the Journal of EMDR Editorial Board and is Director of Training for Sonoma Psychotherapy Training Institute, offering EMDRIA and EMDR Europe approved basic training in EMDR.

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