The Nonprofit Leadership Academy is a 12 month professional development program for those seeking to build unique leadership skills necessary to serve in senior/executive roles in the nonprofit environment.

 Specific Topics of Study 

• Leadership Philosophies 

• Individualized Leadership Styles 

• Differences in Leadership and Management 

• Unique Aspects of Nonprofit Leadership 

• Organizational Culture 

• Strategy and Systems 

• Innovation and Change 

• Pace and Balance 

 Learning Activities and Projects 

• Two Individualized Coaching Sessions 

• Two Mentor Interactions 

• Interviews of Two Leaders 

• Journaling on Learning 

• Leadership Style Feedback 

• Targeted Learning Project 

• Individual Leadership Project 

 The NLA cohort is limited to nine participants selected through an application process. The Academy features 10 group sessions ranging from two-hours to half-day seminars, with reading, learning opportunities, projects between sessions. Each participant completes an individualized leadership assessment and receives a manual with articles, information for discussion, and recommended reading for more in-depth study. 

 Debbie Reed, President/CEO of Chaddock, serves as the facilitator, instructor and coach of the Nonprofit Leadership Academy. Reed has more than two decades of nonprofit leadership experience, and has trained on leadership topics for organizations throughout the country. She holds a Master’s degree in Leadership from Bellevue University, and is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Organizational Leadership from Concordia University. 


Nine nonprofit leaders began a year-long study into organizational leadership and leadership styles through the Nonprofit Leadership Academy, which kicked off September 5. Together, these leaders will learn more about their own leadership strengths, how to be an effective leader in challenging environments and to leverage their strengths to position their organizations for success. Many thanks to the Tracy Family Foundation for sponsoring the Academy as part of their capacity building focus.
Pictured left (L-R) are Catherine Bocke Meckes, Community Foundation; Amy Lefringhouse, Gardner Camp; Barb Holthaus, John Wood Community College; Kent Embree, Quincy Public Schools Foundation; Denise Dameron, United Way of the Mark Twain Area; Mike Drew, Quincy Senior and Family Resource Center; Adam Duesterhaus, United Way of Adams County and Pat Heinecke, Community for Christ Assistance Center. 

205 South 24th Street

Quincy, IL 62301


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