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Non-Profit Leaders

"She has a nonjudgmental, and compassionate style, while also being able to challenge leadership areas for growth in a way that enables coaching recipients to receive adverse feedback"

"Debbie’s manner is comfortable and warm. She provides an environment of safety, wherein, it is possible to speak honestly regarding anxieties or fears.  As a new CEO, it is challenging to know where to turn for sage wisdom, so having the ear of someone like Debbie was invaluable for me to share my insecurities and ask those “stupid questions”."

- Previous participants from NPLA

A reflective process that enables current and emerging nonprofit professionals to expand their leadership capacity. Participants will explore ways to not only strengthen and expand their effectiveness as a leader, but also find clarity and confidence within themselves.


Debbie Reed, President/CEO uses her expertise and first-hand experiences to provide the tools and recommendations to help address a specific challenge or opportunity. 

Areas of Focus:
  • Organizational Strategy/Strategic Framework Development

  • Board Development

  • Team Development

  • Change Management

Debbie Reed, President/CEO of Chaddock, serves as the facilitator, instructor and coach of the Nonprofit Leadership Academy. Debbie Reed has more than 25 years of experience in the nonprofit human services sector, and has served as the senior-most leader of a nonprofit organization for nearly 15 years. She has a Master’s degree in Leadership and in May 2021 will complete her PhD in Organizational Leadership. She developed and has led a Nonprofit Leadership Academy for more than 15 years, helping develop the skills of current and emerging leaders from a range of nonprofit organizations. A published author, she has provided training, consultation and executive coaching to a host of nonprofit leaders and organizations.

Features 9 group sessions ranging from two-hours to half-day seminars, with reading, learning opportunities, projects between sessions. Each participant completes an individualized leadership assessment and receives a manual with articles, information for discussion, and recommended reading for more in-depth study.

The Academy is an In-Person Experience on Chaddock's Campus and will observe all social distancing guidelines with measures in place. Should the state adjust its restrictions, we can switch to a virtual experience as needed.

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